Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I really need Insure Backup?
If your business depends on digital data, and you are not comfortable with your current process (or don't have one), then the answer is a big YES! If your business regularly involves the creation and modification of documents, spreadsheets, images, designs, databases, etc. then backups are a must. If you utilize practice management software (such as Dentrix, PracticeWorks, etc.) then a solution like Insure Backup, providing onsite and offsite secure storage is critical! The key to the Insure Backup solution is that we manage the entire backup process for you, making sure they happen successfully each and every night, allowing you to focus on your business.

Does it matter where I am located?
No, location does not matter. Our business is based out of the Boston area, but we support customers all around the country.

How do you support my backup remotely?
We use the most secure and reliable remote control service - LogMeIn ( to remotely access and manage your backup. We install LogMeIn using your account (we create an account for you if you don't have one) so that you remain in control of the access to your computer and can revoke the access at anytime.

Does the Insure Backup data center have a disaster recovery plan?
Yes, all data is redundantly stored within our servers and across two data centers in two different geographic locations.

Backup and Restore

Can I run a backup or restore data myself?
Absolutely, we will train you how to run the backup as well as restore files. You do not need to contact Insure Backup to restore files, however, we are glad to help and/or coordinate a restore when necessary.

Can you explain the difference between the "onsite" and "offsite" backups and "archives"?
Typically, Insure Backup is installed and configured with the following 3 backup types:

  1. Local (onsite) Backup - Runs nightly and encrypts and stores the backup to the external USB hard drive. This local backup allows for rapid restore (you don't have to download from the remote data center) as well as ensuring a backup still takes place if the Internet connection is down. 
  2. Remote (offsite) Backup - Runs nightly and encrypts and securely transmits (using SSL) to the Insure Backup data center. This remote backup protects your data in the event of a problem (i.e., fire, flood, theft, etc.) at your office/site.
  3. Archives - In addition to the daily backup's, we also store daily, monthly and annual versions or archives.  This means that you can restore a computer to the way it looked (the content it had) on a previous month or even back to a prior year.

How long do you store the data?
Storing your data, or "version retention" means keeping more of your recent versions of your backed up files and less of the older ones. We believe it is important to be able to go back in time. By default, local and remote backups are stored every day for 90 days, we then store every month for the last year and every 6 months for the years after that. Deleted files are stored for 6 months. We are happy to modify any of our default customers, to meet the specific needs of the customer. One last important point, billing is based on the size of the selected backup files, not the total amount of storage required to save these prior versions.

Do I still need to do my own backups?
No, Insure Backup is designed to cover your backup needs. However, some customers are comfortable working with (on-demand backups, restores, etc.) their own backup programs and continue to periodically run their own backups. These types of users are predominately using Insure Backup for its dependability to get their most important data offsite every night.

Can I backup more than one computer from a single installation of Insure Backup?
Yes, we can backup other computers centrally from a single server. It is preferred to have everything on the server because open or locked files can still be backed up. If we are pulling documents from a remote computer, and one of those documents is open or locked, it cannot be backed up. If the documents reside on the server we can backup a copy using Microsoft Volume Shadow Service (VSS).

Can I include my home computer in my Insure Backup?
Home computers can also be included. There is a small incremental charge to add the additional computer, but all computers share the same remote storage in our data center for your business.

Security, Privacy and Encryption

How does the encryption used by insure backup work?
All data backed up, is first encrypted onsite at your office to the local backup drive. This encrypted data is then transferred to our data center over an encrypted connection using SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, a protocol used to encrypt data transmitted over the Internet. All data stored at the data center remains in the original encrypted format and cannot be accessed without the encryption password.

Does Insure Backup have access to the contents of my data?
The backups can only be accessed using the password used to encrypt the data on your server.

What type of data encryption does Insure Backup use?
All Insure Backup data is encrypted using state of the art 448-bit encryption, which is the same level used by Banks and all levels of the U.S. Federal Government to protect Classified, Top Secret and National Security Systems and Information. The data encryption key is only known to customer designated key holders.

Who can access my data?
In order to access your data it must first be unencrypted. The data encryption password is only known to customer-designated key holders and cannot be seen or accessed by anyone else.

Billing and Cost

How much does Insure Backup cost?
First, Insure Backup will provide the highest quality backup at the lowest cost to you. Second, Insure Backup is constantly monitoring the market and making adjustments to its prices, to ensure you have the best value at the best price. Please contact us to discuss your business.

Do I need to purchase anything additional, such as an external hard drive?
No, we provide everything needed. If however you want to provide your own local storage, we will utilize it and provide a credit for bringing your own storage.