About Insure Backup, Inc.

I created Insure Backup for three key reasons:

  • It truly pains me to hear when people lose something they didn’t have to lose.
  • Backing up today’s applications has become a complex task and requires constant professional attention to ensure a successful backup completes each night.
  • Private practice and small businesses without dedicated IT staff, have become highly exposed and need a Professional Grade Backup.

I hear it all the time: “We are very disciplined about our backups,” or “our consultant setup our backups to automatically run every night,” or “our front desk backs up before they leave at the end of the day.” Despite the best of intentions, what can go wrong with a backup will go wrong – and let me assure you, because I see it all the time, the impacts of losing data are much more far reaching that you might expect.

Insure Backup is not just about an offsite storage strategy, rather, it is a full service professional grade solution that ensures your business is properly backed up each and every night. We take full responsibility of your backup process, making it something you won’t have to think or worry about again. The solution is sized and priced to cover most businesses with a simple annual fee.

I’m excited about the peace of mind Insure Backup can bring to your business, and would look forward to getting started with our risk free, no obligation trial.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly anytime.

Kevin Farrell, President and Owner
Insure Backup, Inc.